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Leading company in the market for more than 30 years.

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We have the most important and modern galvanizing plant in Latin America.

We join the evolution of clean and renewable energies.

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Privacy policies

Comprehensive Privacy Notice of SISTTEMEX, S.A. DE C.V., (“SISTTEMEX”), with address at Gobernador José Guadalupe Covarrubias Covarrubias street, number: 22 P.B., Col. San Miguel Chapultepec, Mayor’s Office Miguel Hidalgo, C.P. 11850, Ciudad de México, is responsible for the processing of your personal data, as well as for the treatment that its affiliates, subsidiaries and / or companies that make up our Group do.

In this regard, we inform you of the following:

Personal Data Department.- You can contact SISTTEMEX for any purpose related to this Privacy Notice by sending an email addressed to the Responsible for Personal Data at the email: contacto@sisttemex.com; or by means of a free letter addressed to the address of SISTTEMEX.

Personal Data that will be processed.- The Personal Data that SISTTEMEX may process are those necessary for the fulfillment of the obligations derived from our relationship with you and / or the legal entity that you represent.

Said Data may be: i) If you visit our website or enter the SISTTEMEX facilities: a) Identification data b) Contact data; ii) If you send us your CV by email: a) Identification data; b) Contact details; c) professional data, related to his career, experience and professional capacity; iii) in case you are a client, supplier, lessor: d) Identification data. e) Contact details. f) Location data. g) Professional data, related to his career, experience and professional capacity. h) Asset data, related to your economic or financial situation. In the event that personal patrimonial data is processed, SISTTEMEX will obtain the express consent required by Law. SISTTEMEX will not request personal data considered as sensitive. In the event that you do not consent to the processing of your Personal Data, we may be unable to establish a relationship with you.

Purposes for the processing of your Personal Data.- Your Personal Data may be used, where applicable, for the following primary purposes: 1. To comply with the contractual obligations or commercial agreements that you have or may contract with SISTTEMEX or with any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. 2. Assign or transmit to a third party, by any legal form, the rights and / or obligations derived from the aforementioned contracts, as established therein. 3. Create databases for the provision of our services. 4. Contact you. 5. Attend to any of your complaints, questions or suggestions. 6. Video record entrances and exits of the facilities. 7. Have a control of entrances and exits of the facilities. 8. Ensure the security of SISTTEMEX facilities. 9. To ensure the security of the goods inside the SISTTEMEX facilities. 10. Be able to identify it if necessary. 11. Store video recordings in our data centers in case they are later required for review. 12. Authenticate or corroborate its existence and location. 13. Analyze your career, experience and professional capacity to determine the possible contracting of the good and / or service. 14. Analyze your financial solvency to determine if you have sufficient resources to provide the good and / or service. 15. To assess your skills and abilities. 16. To carry out a possible contract.

Additionally, your Personal Contact Data may be used for the following secondary purposes: 1. Advertising or commercial prospecting purposes. 2. Create databases for research, statistical or market purposes. 3. Send notifications, notices, propaganda or publicity about our products or services. 4. Send information, magazines and news of our industry or of topics that we consider that may interest you, as well as news, communications or advertising from SISTTEMEX or its related companies. In case you do not want your Personal Data to be processed for the purpose set forth in number 2 above, you can contact our Personal Data department by sending an email to contacto@sisttemex.com or by writing to the SISTTEMEX address Transfer of your Personal Data.

As part of the management and administration of SISTTEMEX, we may transfer your Personal Data: 1. With our commercial area, parent human resources and any of our affiliated companies, subsidiaries, licensees, and / or belonging to the same economic group in Mexico or in abroad, being these companies that operate under the same internal processes and policies. 2. With administrative, judicial or governmental authorities of any kind, in Mexico or abroad, provided that this is established by judicial or administrative mandate or that a law so determines. 3. When said transfer is necessary for the safeguarding of the public interest and the prosecution of justice, as well as the exercise, defense or recognition of rights in judicial processes. In the case of cases 2 and 3 above, SISTTEMEX will not require your consent for the aforementioned transfers. Similarly, your Personal Data may be shared with any prospect, potential buyer or acquirer of SISTTEMEX. You can deny your consent for the transfers mentioned in this paragraph by letting us know the above through any of our contact details. Except for these cases, MATC will not share or transfer your Personal Data to third parties except in the cases provided for in the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties or any other applicable regulations.

In case you do not want your Personal Data to be transferred for the purposes mentioned in the previous paragraph, you can contact our Personal Data department by sending an email to contacto@sisttemex.com or by writing to the address of SISTTEMEX.

Your rights.- How can you Access, Rectify, Cancel or Oppose the treatment or transfer of your Personal Data? As the owner of the Personal Data that you provide us, you can access them and the conditions of their treatment; rectify them if they are incomplete or inaccurate; cancel them if you consider that they are not being treated in accordance with the applicable regulations, or oppose their treatment. The above are your ARCO rights. You may request the exercise of your ARCO rights by contacting our Department of Personal Data through a written request addressed to our postal address or official mail (passport, voter ID or driver’s license) 3. Clear description and You specify the Personal Data that you wish to access or that you wish to rectify, cancel or oppose. 4. Any other element that facilitates the location of your data. SISTTEMEX will respond to any complete request within a maximum period of 20 business days. SISTTEMEX’s response will indicate whether the request for access, rectification, cancellation or opposition is appropriate and, where appropriate, SISTTEMEX will make the determination effective within 15 business days following the date on which said response is communicated. The terms may be extended in the terms established by Law. SISTTEMEX will provide digital copies of your Personal Data in the event that you exercise your right of access. Limit the use or disclosure of your Personal Data.

You have the right to limit the use or disclosure of your Personal Data for purposes that are not necessary for our legal relationship, so if you no longer wish to receive communications from us, please send us an email or post addressed to our Department of Personal Data, indicating this situation to us so that you can be enrolled in an exclusion list owned by SISTTEMEX, of which you will be granted a digital record. Revoke your consent for the processing of your Personal Data.-You may at any time revoke your consent for the processing of your Personal Data by contacting our Personal Data Department. We inform you that in the event that you revoke the consent that you have previously granted us for the processing of your Personal Data, we will not be able to continue with our legal relationship. Modifications to the Privacy Notice.- This Privacy Notice may be modified at any time, in response to new legislation, internal policies or new requirements for the provision or offering of our products. Modifications to this Privacy Notice may be notified through the email provided by you, through general publications on our website or general communications that we have posted in our offices.

We will provide you the information you need about our products and services.

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